Lavender Flowers


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Lavender Flowers

Material: Metal Pole + Flocking Plastic.This artificial lavender is made of environmentally friendly plastic, hand made flocking material will make this lavender more realistic. Much more life like than other fake lavenders, and this lavender can survive under wind and rain for long time.

Highly Lifelike And Realistic Presence: You have to touch it to believe it is faux flower, Spray some lavender oil will add a magic touch. The flocking lavender flowers never wither and fall, Ideal for room, home, garden, wedding, party and celebration etc.

Convenient To Decorate: No need to pay too much time on taking care of them, Just organize the lavender before you placed them. Perfect for weddings centerpiece flower arrangement, home decorations for table top to have a colorful fresh look.

Looking for purple wedding flowers? Get beautiful for your big day like these artificial lavender bouquets. Purple lavender flowers create a romantic look that makes for a wonderful wedding!


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